Retirement - what now, Mario Stecher?

07 August 2015 14:43
The Best of Mario Stecher
The Best of Mario Stecher -

The second edition of „Retirement - what now“ catches up with Nordic Combined legend Mario Stecher: what has the 38-year-old been up to in the few month since he put his skis to rest?

After a fantastic career you have decided to quit during the past winter. How have you been since then?

Stecher: I am very well. Immediately after my retirement, it was actually quite stressful - I was finishing and presenting my book and going on a reading trip with it. I definitely haven’t been bored! (laughs) But getting used to a new day-to-day routine was definitely a big challenge at first. I was quite happy to be on a three-week holiday in Scandinavia with my family just now.

As you mentioned, you went on a reading tour with your book in spring. How was the experience and will there be more dates to come in the future?

Stecher: My experiences with the book were all positive. Already writing it together with Egon Theiner was a lot of fun and this went on during all the presentations. The audience reacted very positively and were very interested and attentive during the readings. There will definitely be more dates towards the beginning of winter and the season start.

What exactly are you doing after your active career now?

Stecher: As metioned, readings and presentations of my book but I am also doing speeches with the same title „Ausdauernd erfolgreich“ („Perseveringly successful“). In addition to that, I am studying Sports Management at the Open University of Wismar.

When is the next time we might see you at an international Nordic Combined event?

Stecher: Maybe as early as this year’s Summer Grand Prix in Oberstdorf but if not surely at one or the other World Cup in the upcoming winter. After all, my heart still very much beats for Nordic Combined.