Russian national championships in Chaikovskiy

01 April 2013 10:25
RUS Podium Ind.
RUS Podium Ind. -

The Russian national winter championships in ski jumping and Nordic Combined were held this past weekend on the new facilities in Chaikovskiy. Al full schedule was waiting for the Nordic Combined athletes: they found their champions in a full Team Event, a 7,5-kilometre Sprint competition and a Team Sprint.

The victory in the Individual Gundersen event went to Denis Isaykin who claimed the victory from a third place after the ski jumping part and turned a 1:18 time disadvantage into a 20,1 second win over Niaz Nabeev. Ivan Panin finished third, 48,9 seconds after Isaykin.

The Team Event was clearly won by the team Republic of Tatarstan, consisiting of Roman Terekhin, Ivan Panin, Niaz Nabeev and Denis Isaykin who had already been in the lead after the ski jumping round with 369,5 points over the 313,5 points of the team of Sverdlovsk region (Dimitriy Kosarev, Aleksei Tsvetkov, Sergejy Djatchuk and Samir Masten) who ranked fifth after the jumping but managed to improve to a second place after 4 x 5 km of cross-country skiing. In the end, they finished 31,8 seconds after the winners. The third spot on the podium went to Team Republic of Bashkortostan (Arthur Zainullin, Damir Hinsertdinov, Dimitriy Zharkov, Ernest Yahin who turned a fourth place after jumping into a third place after the cross-country race by finishing 44,9 seconds after Team Tatarstan.

In the individual competition, Ivan Panin claimed the titel ahead of Sergej Djatschuk and Ernest Yahin. Panin had held a second position after ski jumping and turned a 1:35 time advantage on ski jumping winner Evgeniy Klimov around into finish 2,4 second faster than runner up Sergej Djatschuk who worked his way to the podium from an intermediate fifth rank and a 1:52 time disadvantage by setting the fastest cross-county time of 12:10.5 for the 7,5 kilometre track. Ernest Yahin finished 13,3 seconds after Panin and snatched the third rank from Niaz Nabeev who had held it after the ski jumping part.

The Team Sprint competition was decided in a close fight between the Teams from the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ernest Yahin & Damir Hinsertdinov) and the Team from the Sverdlovsk region (Samir Masten, Sergej Djatschuk). In the end, Yahin & Hinsertdinov finished a mere second before Masten & Djatschuk. The third team on the podium came from the Republic of Tatarstan (Isaykin & Panin) who finished 19,3 seconds after the winners.

You can find the result lists (Russian) here.