Russian national titles for Samir Mastiev and Ernest Yahin

29 March 2015 19:15
Ernest Yahin is Russian Champion 2015
Ernest Yahin is Russian Champion 2015 -
Russian Ski Association

As in France, Norway or Finland, the Russian Ski Federation also picked this weekend to hold three national championship events in Nizhny Tagil and the winners were Samir Mastiev, the team from Bashkortostan and Ernest Yahin.

In the first Individual Gundersen event on Wednesday, jumping sensation Evgeniy Klimov took the expected jumping win with a total of 131 points but did not finish the race. Nikita Oks who held the second rank after the jumping event (115 points) did not have the quality on the cross-country track to go for the podium ranks and had to be satisfied with the final sixth rank. Samir Mastiev made his way to the top of the results table by setting the fastest cross-country times of 28:33.0 for the 10 kikometres. He finally finished 20 seconds ahead of runner-up Viacheslav Barkov who made his way on to the podium coming from rank four after jumping. The third rank went to Damir Hinsertdinov who finished 54 seconds after the winner Mastiev.

Final Results

On Thursday, a team event was on schedule which was won by the Team from Bashkortostan. Damir Hinsertdinov, Dmitry Zharkov, Ernest Yahin and Artur Zaynullin took the victory after a third rank after the jumping. With their four jumps, the accumulated 398.5 points and had to make up one minute and 31 seconds on the team Moscow Region I. In the end, the four athletes finished 24 seconds before the team from Sverdlovsk. The third rank went to the team from Moscow who finished their race one minute and 36 seconds after Bashkortostan.

Final Results

The final competitions was another individual on the HS 134 large hill in Nizhy Tagil and this time, Ernest Yahin was successful, finishing his race a clear 51 seconds ahead of Damir Hinserdinov. Niaz Nabeez captured the third rank, one minute and 11 seconds behind the winner.

Ernest Yahin had already been in the lead after the jumping round and had a head start of 15 seconds on runner-up Niaz Nabeev. With a fast cross-country race, Hinsertdinov managed to take the intermediate second rank away from Nabeev and jump on the podium coming from rank five. The fastest cross-country time was delivered by Viacheslav Barkov who needed 25:31.0 for the 10 kilometres and improved from rank 14 to a final fifth position.

Final Results