Scandinavians dominate first day of FIS Youth Cup

10 February 2016 10:18
FIS Youth Cup podiums Trondheim Day 1 2015/16
FIS Youth Cup podiums Trondheim Day 1 2015/16 -
Sandra Volk

The first day of the FIS Youth Cup in Trondheim concluded with Finnish and Norwegian wins, very international podiums and a lot of fun at the common social evening.

Already developing into a big season highlight for the young Nordic Combined athletes of the male and female variety, the FIS Youth Cup in Trondheim saw a great first day of competitions that had the first four winners in the different age categories:

Otto Niittykoski (FIN) and Ludvik Braathen (NOR) were the best athletes in the Youth I and Youth II categories for the male athletes and in the female categories, the wins went to Gyda Hansen Westvold (NOR) and Hanna Midtsundstad (NOR).

An exciting first day of jumping on Granåsen’s K60 hill and racing a shorter version of the World Cup track was slightly impeded by some luggage problems for the Austrian, American and German teams who were not fully able to participate in the competitions due to missing equipment. So Norway dominated the Youth I Ladies category with Thea Bjørseth Minyan and Thea Øihaugen completing the podium. In the Youth II category, however, the podium spanned the whole skiing world with USA’s Gabriella Armstrong offering some fierce competition and took the second place with Russian Sofia Kuznetcova completing the podium.

On the boy’s side Benjamin Østvold (NOR) and Waltteri Karhumaa (FIN) joined Otto Niittykoski on the Youth I podium and Andreas Ilves (EST) and Jens Oftebro Lurås (NOR) took the top spots. The prize giving ceremony took place right after the World Cup and so Jørgen Graabak, Eric Frenzel and Jarl Riiber did the honours and presented the prizes to their young fellow athletes.

The day concluded with a social evening at a local youth club where the group mingled, had pizza and played different games together before getting some rest for the second day of competitions in Trondheim.

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