Season over for Jarl Riiber

28 January 2017 07:48
Season over for Jarl Riiber
Season over for Jarl Riiber -
Nordic Combined Norway

After having dislocated his shoulder for the third time in the past year and just minutes before his competition jump on the first day of the Nordic Combined TRIPLE in Seefeld, the 19-year-old now has to have surgery.

Team doctor Petter Olberg: „We are planning surgery soon. We had planned a medical procedure for the springtime anyway after the problems of the last months. It is a straightforward procedure and we are sure that Jarl will be back to 100% for the summer.“

Of course, Riiber was very upset to dislocate his shoulder right before his jump in Seefeld which was one of the main goals for the season. „But there is no way back now“, he says. „I will start to prepare for the new season from May and I am looking forward to the training for the Olympic season already now. There are many championships and competitions to come in the next years and I have much to look forward to. I will hopefully still have many years in my career left and this injury will not take so long to heal. I am trying to focus on the positive and hopefully get rid of my shoulder problems forever.“