Sebastien Lacroix new French national champion

29 March 2014 00:00
Sebastien Lacroix
Sebastien Lacroix -

For the third time in his career, French veteran Sebastien Lacroix has claimed the title of national champion in Nordic Combined. Hugo Buffard came in a split second later and claimed the junior title with this result but the final decision about the win had to be made in photo finish. The third place went to Samuel Guy who beat out superstar Jason Lamy Chappuis for a podium rank.

The Top Ten were completed by Geoffrey Lafarge on five, Maxime Laheurte on six and Wilfried Cailleau, Florian Pinel, Theo Hannon and Nicolas Martin with the ranks seven to ten.

After the ski jumping part, Jason Lamy Chappuis had been in the lead but with only the ninth fastest cross-country time on the cross-country track in Les Tuffes, the did not have a chance to hold Sebastian Lacroix behind him who started 27 seconds after Lamy Chappuis and skied the second fastest time on the track with 24.32.27.

The fastest time once more went to strong skier Hugo Buffard who started as fifth and made up 51 seconds on Lamy Chappuis. Buffard clearly distanced Lacroix, too, when it comes to the cross-country time of 24.08.62. Only Lacroix' strength in the finish line sprint saved the top rank for the 30-year-old who passed the finish line a split 0.35 seconds earlier than Buffard.

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Ski Jumping Team Event

In the ski jumping team event on the following Sunday, Jason Lamy Chappuis was finally able to return to the top of the podium with his Jura team. Together with his cousin Ronan, Julian Faivre Rampant and Samuel Guy, Lamy Chappuis accumulated 898.4 points which meant the win over the team from Mont Blanc (Alexandre Mabboux, Geoffrey Lafarge, Francois Braud and Vincent Descombes Sevoie) with 867.7 points. Rank three went to David Viry, Maxime Laheurte, Paul Brasme and Nicolas Didier from team Vosgien with 807.4 points.

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