Sepp Schneider tears cruciate ligament

21 January 2013 14:23
Sepp Schneider
Sepp Schneider -

The Austrian team has another injury to swallow. Young gun Sepp Schneider who had turned heads after skiing a brave race in Schonach's team competiton has torn his cruciate ligament while ski jumping in the competiton in Seefeld on Saturday. Even though the 21-year old felt pain in his left knee right after the jump, he still skied in the cross-country race. On Sunday, the knee was swollen, so Schneider did not start in the competition but got his knee examined.

As the young Austrian has already torn this ligament for the third time, the whole part of the knee has to be renewed in a two part operation. The first part will take place tonight at the Sanatorium Kettenbrücke in Innsbruck where teammate Mario Stecher was also treated for his knee injury. After this, the knee has to heal for about 3 months until the new cruciate ligament can be set into place in a second operation. Schneider will be out for about seven to eight months.

Schneider: "It's a quite bitter pill to swallow that I tore my cruciate ligament again and that the break will be even longer this time. Right now, I was in a good shape and my World Cup results were great. But I am a realist about this and know that injuries are part of the sport. I will do everything in my power to return to the World Cup at least on the level I was now when everything has healed."