Severe training crash for Philipp Orter

04 August 2014 16:53
Austria's Philipp Orter
Austria's Philipp Orter -

It was luck during misfortune for Triple Junior World Champion Philipp Orter during today’s jumping training session at Bergisel in Innsbruck: The 21-year-old was on location to train with his fellow Austrian teammates and had a severe crash during his last training jump.

After being taken care of on location, Orter had to be transported to the Landeskrankenhaus Innsbruck. As it looks like now, Orter only sustained bruises in the chest, back and pelvis areas so that the doctors gave a cautious all-clear. He still has to stay under surveillance at the hospital in Innsbruck overnight but is expected to leave for home tomorrow. 

"Today I really had every guardian angel at my side," Orter wrote on his facebook page. "Thank god my crash ended with a couple of bruises and lacerations only. For my own safety, I will spend the night at the hospital but I hope to return to the hills very soon."