"To share a podium with a teammate is beautiful!"

TUESDAY TALK with Alessandro Pittin (ITA)

17 December 2013 10:30
Alessandro Pittin
Alessandro Pittin -

There is truth to the saying that after rain comes sunshine. Italy's Alessandro Pittin is living proof, returning to the podium after suffering multiple injuries and the disappointment of not performing well at his "home" World Championships in Val di Fiemme. The 23-year-old talked to fis-ski.com about how special it is to share this experience of success with a teammate, getting over his injuries and future goals

Your Team Sprint podium with Samuel Costa was the first big comeback after a long time with injuries and setbacks. Was this a boost for your confidence?

Alessandro Pittin: It was really great. I had such a bad start to the season, so I really needed this. It was 23 months that I was off the World Cup podium, so it was great today. I still need to do some work on the ski jumping but  it's all going a little bit better now. I had a good feeling in the cross-country part, so I hope to be in a better shape already for next weekend.

Do you actually still feel any physical pain or mental barriers from your injuries?

Pittin: From the physical side, I am good. I am not in top shape but it's getting better and better. Mentally, I am not in the best place right now. The first weekends were really bad and also in the PCR in Ramsau, I had bad jumps. In the summer, I had quite good jumps but I lost something in the beginning of the season. We'll see how it goes next weekend but I might take a little break after new year's. I don't know if I'm going to Russia. I will see.

Last weekend, a failure in the qualification and a podium in the Team Sprint were close together for you. What are your feelings from the past weekend?

Pittin: The podium was just so great for us and also really important for my confidence and for the whole team as we all did have a bad start into the season. We had much higher expectations.

Speaking of your team, Samuel Costa, a young teammate joined you on the podium. How important do you think it is for the team development that he can experience this success?

Pittin: I really think I was able to give something extra on the last few metres because I was with Samuel. It's beautiful to be able to stand on the podium together with him, especially because it was his first World Cup podium. For me, it's the second Team Sprint in the World Cup and the second podium, with two different teammates. It's great to stand on the podium after an Individual race but it's so beautiful to do it together with a teammate. For the future, I think we can do even better. The whole team worked very hard this summer and I am sure it might pay in the next weekends.

What are your personal goals for the upcoming weekend in Schonach?

Pittin: The first goal is to actually get into the competition! (laughs) If I could be in the Top 30 after the ski jumping, that would be great. We will see if it works or not!


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