Shun Yamamoto wins first COC competition in Chaikovskiy

11 January 2013 16:28
Chaikovsky Yamamoto winner
Chaikovsky Yamamoto winner -

Shun Yamamoto is the winner of 7th COC event in Chaikovskiy, Russia.  The Japanese finished the 10 km cross-country race in a  time of 27:12.4. The second place went to Marco Pichlmayer from Austria who was  29 seconds behind the leader and third place went to Nicolas Martin from France  (+32 sec.).

The weather in Chaikovskiy was cold today, -20 °C degrees greeted the athletes but fortunately, the wind was calm and the atmosphere at the competitions was warm and friendly. Nicolas Martin: "It was very cold today but we were not afraid of it. I really liked the competition here!"

After the ski jumping part on the HS 140 hill, Shun Yamamoto was alredy in the lead.  Two second places were claimed by Lukas Greiderer (AUT) and Johannes Wasel (GER), with Greider showing the longest jump of the day with a distance  of 131 metres. 

During the trial round, there was one unexpected fall of Thomas Egger Riedmueller from Austria. The athlete was taken to the city hospital by the ambulance for further examination. Luckily, the  doctors found that there were no serious injuries.

Winner Shun Yamamoto started into the cross-country race first and held on to the lead in the end. He was closely followed by Lukas Greiderer and Johannes Wasel who started only eight seconds behind him. The the end, Greiderer came in as unlucky fourth, 35.9 seconds after the winner. Marco Pichlmayer and Nicolas Martin improved their intermediate 13. and 10. ranks after the jumping into the podium ranks throughout the race. The fastest cross-country time was set by France's Geoffrey Lafarge who completed the course in 25:50.8 and improved a 22. place after the jumping into a 11, rank in the end result. 

Yamato was very satisfied with his performance:"The hill was very good today, and I felt that I was doing good in jumping. After that, cross-country is my strong part, so I brought home the victory." Runner-up Pichlmayer agrees: "I liked the hill but then, the course was not so easy for me. Nicolas and me had a strong fight going on for the second and third place!"

You can find the complete result list here.

With this result, the winner Yamamoto moved up to the overall third rank in the COC standing and Nicolas Martin moved up from the fifth place into the second position.

Please find the overall standing here.

 Tomorrow, there's a Team Sprint on schedule for the athletes in Chaikovskiy, and in Sunday, another Individual Gundersen competition is planned.