Sillaste and Tiirmaa Estonian winter champions 2014

28 December 2014 20:56
Podium Estonian winter nationals 2014 ladies
Podium Estonian winter nationals 2014 ladies -
Estonian Ski Federation

As the winter nationals in Estonia had to be cancelled in the spring of 2014, the Ski Federation used the Christmas break between the World Cups in Ramsau and Schonach to hold the championships in Otepää in the men’s and also in the ladies’ category.

For the ladies, the starting field was still small but in order to prepare for the just announced FIS Youth Cup in Trondheim, it was decided to also add the category to this year’s championship program. The title went to Sandra Sillaste ahead of Annemari Bendi and Triinu Hausenberg. With 59.5 metres, Sillaste had taken the lead already in the jumping part of the event. Bendi landed at 57.5 metres and which meant a 14 second disadvantage on the track. The third starter, Triinu Hausenberg, jumped 40.5 metres, which gave her a whopping 2 minutes and 56 seconds to make up on the track.

In the 5 kilometre race, Hausenberg skied the fastest time with 18:14 but was not able to improve her third rank in the end. The second fastest-time was enough for Sillaste to cross the finish line 47 seconds earlier than runner-up Annemarii Bendi and 2 minutes and 26 seconds before Triinu Hausenberg finished the race.

In the men’s category, the title went to Karl-August Tiirmaa who jumped a solid 100 metres and was able to ski a comfortable race, 3 minutes ahead of the intermediate number two, Risto Raudberg, who landed at 82 metres. Kristjan Ilves, who won the national title in the ski jumping event again, did not have a good jump in the Nordic Combined competition and had only 80.5 metres to show for which meant a time disadvantage of 03:28 for Ilves.

In the race, Ilves skied the fastest time (25:44 for the 10 km) but was able to catch up only one second on Tiirmaa and finished 3 minutes and 27 seconds after his teammate. The third rank went to Tanel Levkoi who finished 05:06 after Tiirmaa but managed to kick intermediate runner-up Risto Raudberg off the podium.

SJ Results Estonian winter nationals 2014

Results Estonian Winter nationals 2014