Szczepan Kupczak takes PCR in Lillehammer

04 December 2015 18:47
Szczepan Kupczak wins his first PCR in Lillehammer
Szczepan Kupczak wins his first PCR in Lillehammer -
FIS/Silke Tegethof

The first jumping round of the winter 2015/16 has a first-time winner: Poland’s Szczepan Kupczak managed the conditions at Lillehammer’s Lysgårdsbakken best and took the win in today’s PCR. With a total of 143.6 points for his 133.5 metre-jump, Kupczak would take a 9-second lead on second ranked Austrian jumping sensation Fabian Steindl. Steindl landed at the great distance of 139 metres but was not able to execute a flawless landing and totaled at 141.4 points.

The third rank and 10 seconds of time behind in the case the PCR is used went to France’s Francois Braud. He jumped 130.5 metres (141.1 p.) Ranks four to six went to Håvard Klemetsen, Fabia Rießle and Mario Seidl. Norwegian youngster Jarl Riiber had an amazing jump of 139 metres as well but lost his balance while landing and fell. He was able to leave the outrun on his own two feet but ranked only 23rd with a point total of 126.9 and a time behind of one minute and seven seconds.

Ole Martin Storlien, Marjan Jelenko, Tomas Portyk and Jan Schmid were disqualified due to non-rule conform equipment. As the PCR also acted as a qualification, the unlucky five athletes not to make it were Alessandro Pittin from Italy, Jasper Good (USA), Karl-August Tiirmaa (EST) and Hugo Buffard (FRA).

Final Results