Team Austria: Ironman at Klagenfurt!

01 July 2013 12:42
Bieler Ironman
Bieler Ironman -

That Team Austria is consisting of tough guys is a fact we knew before but by taking part in the Ironman in Klagenfurt on this past weekend, head coach Christoph Eugen's men proved this anew. Six athletes and three members of the service team started in a relay and split up the three disciplines.

Berni Gruber tackled the swimming distance of 3,86 kilometres alone and sent their cycling team on their way after a great time of about 55 minutes. Willi Denifl, Christoph Bieler, Philipp Orter and physiotherapist Roland Scherl split up the 180,2 kilometres of cycling before handing over to Lukas Klapfer, assistant coach Thomas Baumann, media coordinator Clemens Derganc and Mario Seidl as the final runner who crossed the finish line after the marathon run distance of 42 kilometres in a total time of 9 hours.

Christoph Bieler on the experience: "The Ironman in Klagenfurt is a great event and we had tremendous fun starting together with our coaches and service people. We have done well with a time of exactly 9 hours and everybody gave their best. Nevertheless, the athletes who are tackling the whole distance on their own are the true heroes! They have my highest regard!"

After shaking up their training schedule with this event, the team will now head to Ramsau am Dachstein where a next training camp is on schedule this week.