Team France wins Team Sprint at Oberwiesenthal

25 August 2012 20:17
Podium Oberwiesenthal 2012
Podium Oberwiesenthal 2012 -

Team France II consisting of Jason Lamy Chappuis and Francois Braud won the FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix Team Sprint in Oberwiesenthal today. The two Frenchman worked their way up to the top from a fifth rank after the jumping portion earlier today. With an outstanding  roller-skiing performance, Braud and Lamy Chappuis managed to catch the leading teams from Germany after half of the race and reached the finish with a comfortable lead of 9.7 seconds. France won ahead of Austria I (Tomaz Druml/Bernhard Gruber) and Slovenia (Gasper Berlot/Marjan Jelenko).

A happy Jason Lamy Chappuis was very satisfied with his team's result: "It was a very nice competition for France with the first and the fourth rank. I believe the Team Sprint is a very exciting format for Nordic Combined. Today was a great day with the city course and these many spectators. I definitely hope, I will also be able to have a good Team Sprint competition at the World Championships this year."

The day started with a success for the current leader of the the Summer Grand Prix overall, Berni Gruber. He won the Provisional Competition Round with a jump of 99 m (120.7 points) ahead of Maxime Laheurte and Marjan Jelenko who proved to be in a good summer shape. Gruber drew a very positive conclusion of the day on the whole: "This format "Team Sprint" is very good. We have a lot of action in the roller-skiing part because the track is very short. It also shows that you can really turn a result around like we did after our mediocre jumping performance. It was really nice to compete in front of these many spectators, so we gave everything we had."
After the ski jumping part of the Team Sprint, the teams from Germany established a triple lead which, of course, excited the local crowd. Team Germany I with Tobias Simon and Eric Frenzel finished with a total of 246.3 points which meant 26 seconds of head start in the cross-country portion. They were followed by Team Germany II (Janis Morweiser & Manuel Faisst) and and Germany III who took the third position (Andreas Günter & Wolfgang Boesl), starting 30 seconds behind.
During the cross-country part, the German teams were not able to keep their hold onto the podium positions. After half of the race, the French team managed to grab the first position and hold on to it until the finish. The Austrian team also constantly worked their way up the ranks but weren't able to challenge the French lead in the end. In a sprint finish, the team from Slovenia was able to secure the third spot on the podium. Marjan Jelenko: "I didn't expect that we would be able to improve our rank after the ski jumping part at all. In the last lap I realized that we had a chance for the podium. That was when my coach said, go for the podium, so I just gave it my all. I felt really good during the race and Gasper did an amazing job, so we're both really really happy now. "
The  FIS Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix will go on with an Individual Gundersen competition in Oberwiesenthal tomorrow. The ski jumping portion will start at 11:00, the cross-country part at 14:00 tomorrow.


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