Team Germany I takes Team Sprint victory in Lahti

09 March 2013 13:20
Rydzek Lahti winners
Rydzek Lahti winners -

The team from Germany (Johannes Rydzek and Eric Frenzel) have taken the victory in today's Team Sprint event in Lahti. Frenzel crossed the finish line before the team from France which had to be disqualified later on because of passing other athletes outside of the course. So, the podium was completed by the second team from Germany (Edelmann/ Riessle) who finished 22,7 seconds after the winner and Norway I (Klemetsen/Kokslien) who were 24 seconds back.

In the ski jumping part, Johannes Rydzek and Eric Frenzel were in the lead with two good jumps of 121 and 125 metres (250,4). Yesterday's podium athletes Akito Watabe and Taihei Kato set themselves up promisingly on the intermediate second rank by showing two jumps of 116,5 and 122,5 metres who gave the Japanese 241,2 points and only 18 seconds of time disadvantage for the cross-country race. Even after a weaker try of Christoph Bieler (112,5 m), Team Austria I still claimed the third rank with a strong 126 metres from Wilhelm Denifl.

The teams from Norway (Klemetsen/Kokslien) and France (Lamy Chappuis/Braud) ended up on the ranks four and five and were able to ski together for the first part of the cross-country race as they had time disadvantages of 38 and 40 seconds.

The German team skied a strong race, Frenzel and Rydzek going full speed from the first second on and they were never in danger of giving away the victory. A bigger chasing group formed out of the teams Austria I and II, Japan I, Norway I, Germany II . In the end, the podium places were decided by a finish line sprint where Germany II and Norway had the best end for themselves.

You can find the full result list here.

The last competitions of the 2012/13 World Cup will take place in Oslo, Norway next weekend. An Individual Gundersen and the Final Individual Gundersen (2 jumps and 15 km cross-country) will be on schedule on Friday and Saturday.