Testing the new hills in Eisenerz

16 July 2016 11:38
Lukas Klapfer in the inrun in Eisenerz
Lukas Klapfer in the inrun in Eisenerz -
Nordic Combined Austria

As the first team ever, the first Austrian Nordic Combined training group held a jumping camp on the newly inaugurated hill complex in Eisenerz. The hills have been opened only last week with local hero Lukas Klapfer making the first jump ever on the new hills.

„As I live close by, I will do my training here quite often. I like the hill very much, the flight curve is modern. It is also perfect training facility for the Nordic Education Centre where I did my apprenticeship back in the days. As to my own jumping shape, I am happy at the moment. Things are moving in the right direction“, Klapfer said.

With ski jumping as the focus of the camp, five jumping sessions on the HS 109 were on schedule for the team. A Team Sprint competition rounded out the camp which Lukas Klapfer and David Pommer won.

Willi Denifl: „It was very fun to jump here in Eisenerz. The hill complex is working very well and it’s great to have another really modern training centre in Austria. My own preparation is going better than expected. We have redesigned my training program which works very well. I like it to have one focus during a training camp, either ski jumping or endurance. It changes the preparation phase up a little more and the time until autumn doesn’t get too long.“

You can find more information about the new Erzberg Arena here.