"The Athletes' Commission achieved some important goals!"

TUESDAY TALK: Alessandro Pittin (ITA)

17 June 2014 17:35
Italy's Alessandro Pittin
Italy's Alessandro Pittin -

While everybody else was training in this period of early summer, a different event was on schedule for Alessandro Pittin. The 24-year-old is Nordic Combined's representative on the Athletes' Commission and attended the FIS Congress in Barcelona to bring attention to the issues of the Nordic Combined athletes. What else he has been up to in the past few weeks, find out in this new edition of TUESDAY TALK.

You just attended your first FIS Congress as Nordic Combined representative in the Athletes' Commission. How was the experience?

Alessandro Pittin: During the first year as a member of the Athletes' Commission, I hadn't attended any meeting so far, so this was my first one. I met almost all the other members of the Commission and it was really interesting to see how it all works inside FIS.  

What were the main issues you talked about in the Athletes' Commission?

Pittin: I think we had a good meeting there. First we talked about what was done in the past season in each discipline, than we met with some members of other associations (like WADA or "Bring Children to the Snow") who told us about different very interesting topics. We also achieved some important goals: from this time on we can attend our discipline meetings with a seat within the representatives of the nations and with the possibility to vote and discuss about all the issues and in addition to that we have now our own Athletes' representative in the FIS Council.

As you said, you were also able to attend the Nordic Combined Committee meeting. With what kind of impressions of the decision making process in the FIS Committee system did you go home?

Pittin: Actually, I was a little confused! (laughs) Joking aside, I was able to talk with our Race Director Lasse Ottesen and he explained how it works with the decision making process. I was also really happy because Lasse said that good work was done with the Athletes' Survey that I conducted after the season. That that was an important step forward for our discipline and we will continue like this.

You have just done the second Italian training camp this summer. What did you work on in these two camps? How is your shape developing?

Pittin: Right now I'm really satisfied with my jumps, I had some good training sessions at the jumping hill and I think also my physical shape is good enough at the moment. The only bad thing until now was that I couldn't train with my teammates while they were having some good rides at Lago di Garda because of the FIS Congress. (laughs)

In the past winter, you were on a path in the right direction again, showing your abilities with a fourth place at the Olympics. Did you think you were able to perform that well in Sochi before you went there? How frustrating was it to get fourth at the Olympics?

Yes! ... I mean I focused everything on the first competition in Sochi and at least I finished just a couple of meters from my big goal. At first I was really mad because everything fell to pieces after the fourth place. But after a while, I thought ok, actually it doesn't matter. At least I was there, fighting till the end for a medal, and this is a great step forward looking at my previous season.

After your home World Championships gone bad, you have a new chance to go for medals next year in Falun. At the test events this year, you were on the podium. A good sign?

Pittin: I had bad competitions at the World Championships in Val di Fiemme because of my injuries and I really want to make it good in Falun. This year, I was on third place there in the last competition of the season so I hope this will help me to do my best also next year... I am also hoping for good weather in Falun!