Austrian team turning into Iron Men again

25 June 2014 17:10
Bieler Ironman
Bieler Ironman -

For the third time in a row, the Austrian Nordic Combined team will follow the invite of their main sponsor Stiegl to take part in the Iron Man held at Klagenfurt at the upcoming weekend as a team relay.

„It is great that our main sponsor plans quite some things with the team in summer“, head coach Christoph Eugen explains. Our boys can use the challenge, especially at this time of year. The atmosphere at the Iron Man is gigantic and the athletes are gaining experience in some new areas.“

As in the previous year, Berni Gruber will tackle the 3,86 kilometres of swimming alone. „Starting into the competition is something special, it’s this blend of fear and excitement which you can feel from all athletes. After my active career, it’s one of my great goals to finish an Iron Man on my own“, Gruber says.

Veterans Mario Stecher and Christoph Bieler will split the cycling distance and Lukas Klapfer and Triple Junior World Champion Philipp Orter will compete in the final running race. Youngster Orter who lives in Carinthia is looking forward to the new challenge: „I like the triathlon and excited to see how my body will handle the strain at this time of year.“