The cancellation in Social Media posts

28 November 2015 12:47
The Ruka-cancellation in Social Media posts
The Ruka-cancellation in Social Media posts -

A competition cancellation at least gives the athletes and teams time to post extensively on Social Media. So what happened behind the scenes while we were all waiting for th jumping to begin? We have collected the best posts for you!

Catching up on the beauty sleep

competition day! penkin alle ei saa mennä niin mennään pöydän alle...#wind #delay #solisluukeli

Posted by Ilkka Herola on Friday, 27 November 2015


Between hoping and fearing

Aktuální informace--> Tak bohužel jsme zatím neskončili i když jsme od 8:00 na můstku, ale další šance bude ve 12:00!! Doufám, že aspoň jeden závod tu stihneme i když je hnusný počasí. #Tp96 #Ruka #Kuusamo

Posted by Tomáš Portyk on Saturday, 28 November 2015


Hiding in the closet


No words for this.... :D


Being really sad about the final cancellation

Leider ging heute wieder nichts in Ruka - der Wind war uns nicht gnädig - nächster Versuch ist morgen in der FrühNo...

Posted by Lukas Klapfer (Nordic Combined Athlete) on Saturday, 28 November 2015


Practising some other job skills - today: reporter

Dagens konkurranse avlyst Prøver igjen morgen med å gå rett i konkurranseomg #nrksport #magnusmoan #kombinertnorge

Posted by Magnus Moan on Saturday, 28 November 2015


Using the time to catch up on the other disciplines

No Competition today --> Tourist here in Ruka! ✌️ #nordicopening

Posted by Johannes Rydzek on Saturday, 28 November 2015


Putting up your feet for a while

Wrong start...Faux départ...encore des conditions de vent compliquées aujourd'hui. Espérons que ça s'arrange pour demain. #onestbiendanslechaletmaisonseraimieuxenhautdutremplin

Posted by Maxime Laheurte on Saturday, 28 November 2015