The first winners of the summer are... Bieler & Gruber!

24 August 2013 21:20
Podium Oberwiesenthal 2013
Podium Oberwiesenthal 2013 -
Sandra Volk

The first competition of the summer, the first Team Sprint and the first win goes to Team Austria I. Christoph Bieler and Berni Gruber crossed the finish line 0,7 seconds earlier than Japan I (A. Watabe/ Minato) who claimed their first ever Japanese Team Sprint podium. Rank three went to local heroes Eric Frenzel and Johannes Rydzek.

After the ski jumping part which went considerably better weather-wise than this morning's PCR, Austria's Berni Gruber and Christoph Bieler claimed the best starting position for the roller ski race. The two Austrians accumulated 202,6 points for their two jumps which meant a one-second time advantage for the race. Breathing down their necks were local heroes Johannes Rydzek and Eric Frenzel who had a joint point value of 202,1 points. Team Japan III, consisting of Takehiro Watanabe and Yoshito Watabe, went on to the 2x 7,5 kilometres only three seconds behind the leaders.

In the race, a leading trio consisting of Japan I, Germany I and Austria I formed quickly after the start and stayed together for the total duration of the race. The followers didn't manage to close the gap on this leading trio whose athletes alternated in the lead and helped each other to maintain the advantage on the field. In the end, Austria's Berni Gruber had the better end in a finish line sprint with Japan's Yusuke Minato. The local heroes Rydzek and Frenzel had to concede defeat. Team Norway I claimed rank four with a considerable time behind of 39,6 seconds. Slovenia (Jelenko/Berlot) and Austria II (Lemmerer/Seidl) came in fifth and sixth.

The next competition, an Individual Gundersen is on tomorrow. The jumping part will start at 11:00, the roller ski race at 14:00.

You can find the full result lists here:

Ski Jumping part

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