On the verge: Armin Bauer (ITA)

12 September 2014 11:37
On the verge: Armin Bauer
On the verge: Armin Bauer -
Sandra Volk

To pass the time until the action starts for real again, this new weekly series will focus on the athletes to watch. Coming from the Continental Cup or gaining experience in the World Cup already, they have had good results but they are not quite there yet, they are „on the verge“.

But just interviewing these young hopefuls would have been too easy! Instead, they were asked them to name their best buddies on the tour: one best friend on their own team and the international athlete they are getting along with best. These two athletes will try to shed a little more light on who is waiting in the wings of Nordic Combined to maybe steal the spotlight in the future. And the best thing: none of the portrayed athletes know about this feature yet! So happy discovering to ALL of you!

Who is Armin Bauer?
Born 15.07.1990 in Bolzano
World Cup starts: 57
Best individual WC result: 8th place in Chaikovskiy, 2014
Best overall WC rank: 32 in 2014
COC wins: 1
COC podiums: 1
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Best buddies: Samuel Costa (ITA) & Janne Ryynänen (FIN)

Samuel Costa

Janne Ryynänen

How long have you known Armin?

Janne: I have known Armin maybe for five years now but I can't remember where I first met him. I guess in some competition.

Samuel: I started ski jumping in 2002 and have known Armin since then. We also do a lot of things together outside of training like climbing or playing tennis.

Why can he become a champion in Nordic Combined?

He his passionate about Nordic Combined and always ready to give his all in training to be among the top guys in the competitions. He is physically fit and one of the strongest guys I know when it comes to climbing up ascents.

Janne: Armin is a very calm and clever guy, at least that’s my opinion. He shows great leadership in his team but it’s still very easy to get along with him. He has got every talent that a Nordic Combined athlete needs to be an champion.

What do you think has been his toughest moment in sports so far?

Samuel: His gearshift broke 30 minutes into the mountain bike race „Sellaronda Hero“ this summer. He was sooo disappointed because he was in a great shape and totally pumped about this race.

Janne: I don’t really know. But being a Nordic Combined athlete is tough enough in itself most of the time! (laughs)

Which feat/success in his career so far is he most proud of?

Samuel: He is very proud to have represented Italia at two Olympics now.

What is the funniest/weirdest thing he does when it’s only athletes around him? Does he have special rituals he does before the start, for example?

Janne: Well, I have seen him when he changes his cool guy pokerface into much more relaxed and funny, joke-telling guy. He is very different then compared to what you see on competition days.

Samuel: Actually, he is very calm and collected before the competitions and does not put on a big show  like others on our team. Another thing I can tell you is that he really really likes sweets! (laughs)