Tim Hug beats U.S. team and takes Swiss nationals

19 October 2014 13:40
Tim Hug beats U.S. team and takes Swiss nationals 2014
Tim Hug beats U.S. team and takes Swiss nationals 2014 -
Swiss Ski

Tim Hug has claimed the title of Swiss summer Champion once more, this time also beating out the U.S. team who were on start due to a cooperation between the Ski Federations. After a jump on Einsiedeln’s HS 117 hill and a 7.5 kilometre cross-country run, Hug crossed the finish line 25.5 seconds ahead of U.S. summer champion Bryan Fletcher. Bill Demong finished third, 56.2 seconds after Hug. In the Junior ranking, Andreas Schuler won ahead of Jan Kirchhofer.

Schuler had been in the lead after the ski jumping part with a total of 118.1 points and started the race 26 second ahead of Bryan Fletcher who accumulated 111.6 points. Tim Hug lurked in a promising third position, only 4 seconds after Fletcher.

The cross-country run which had the athletes ascend the steps next to the hill multiple times proved to be Hug’s domain who easily outran Fletcher an Schuler with only the fourth-fastest time on the track. The fastest man out was USA junior Karl Schulz who needed 26:17.8 for the 7.5 kilometres and improved his intermediate 16th rank after jumping into a final ninth rank.

Ranks four to six in the final results table went to Adam Loomis, Taylor Fletcher and Brett Denney before Schule came as the next best Swiss athlete on rank eight in the total standings.

Final Results

The U16 class was won by USA’s Jared Shumate ahead of teammate Stephan Schuman (+00:03.8), Pascal Müller from Einsiedeln was the best Swiss athlete on rank three (+00:19.7)

U16 results

You can find some pictures of the competition here!