Tim Hug becomes Swiss summer champion in Einsiedeln

06 October 2012 14:39
Swiss Summer Champs Podium
Swiss Summer Champs Podium -

At the Swiss summer championships held at Einsiedeln this weekend, Tim Hug reigned supreme. The 25-year-old competing for ski club SC Gerlafingen won yesterday's ski jumping competition and also could not be stopped at todays's cross-country run around the hill area. Sven Fawer came in second, old hand Seppi Hurschler claimed the third spot on the podium.

Hug dominated the ski jumping competition held on the HS 117 Andreas Küttel Schanze with the day's longest jump of 107,5 metres, giving him 111,5 points which meant an advantage of 22 seconds in today's run. With 28:12.4, Hug also delivered the fastest cross-country time and crossed the finish line 01:35.7 minutes ahead of Fawer.

Seppi Hurschler who was only ranked fifth after a short jump of only 88,7 metres was able to catch Jan Kirchhofer, who ranked second after the ski jumping part and Ivo Hess on the cross-country track. On the whole, seven athletes participated in the Swiss summer championships in Nordic Combined, five of them finished the race. 

You can find the complete result lists here.
Pictures of the event are online on the Swiss Nordic Combined Facebook Page