Tim Hug trains in Sardinia with Swiss cross-county team

21 May 2014 12:58
Dario Cologna and Tim Hug training in Sardinia
Dario Cologna and Tim Hug training in Sardinia -
Swiss Ski

Swiss "one-man-team" Tim Hug and coach Constantin Kreiselmeyer are certainly not starting slow into the summer. Together with the Swiss cross-country team around Dario Cologna, Hug took part in first week-long training camp in Cala Liberotto, Sardinia.

While the mornings were dedicated to extended bike tours and roller-ski trainings, where Hug fought against sprinters and distance specialists for stage and climbing victories, the afternoons were filled with two different training sessions of jogging and weight training. Who still had energy after the trainings was able to go swimming in the pool or sea or play beach volleyball and tennis.

"We had a great week together with the cross-country team. It was a lot of training but also a lot of fun. Thanks to the cross-country team for letting us share the experience", Hug and Kreiselmeyer shared on the Swiss Nordic Combined facebook page.