TT - Tim Hug: "I want to prove I am no one-hit-wonder!"

28 May 2013 10:53
Hug Portrait 2
Hug Portrait 2 -

With an overall 43th rank in 2012/13 and a new personal best with his ninth rank in Klingenthal, the winter has been average with some highlights for Switerland's Tim Hug. Due to some retirements and changes in the team, he now finds himself alone in the A-Team and after head coach Robert Treitinger ended his work in Switzerland in March, also without last season's structures. In a new edition of TUESDAY TALK, caught up with the 25-year-old from Gerlafingen and spoke with him about personal success, his studies and how his training will look like in the months to come.

Tim, how will your training look like in the upcoming winter as the only remaining Swiss A-team member and without head coach Robert Treitinger?

Tim Hug: Actually, I don't fully know that at the moment. Steffel Tepel, who has been coaching the B-Team in the last winter, is now the new head coach and at the same time the only Swiss coach. How exactly it will work out logistically with World Cup, Continental Cup and Alpencup in the next winter is not clear yet.

How will you prepare for the upcoming season? Will you be joining other nations for their camps or will you work on your own?

Hug: Preparing for the new season, I will surely have to work on my own for most of the time, especially in regards to the endurance training. Luckily, the cooperation with the Swiss ski jumpers is very good and I can join them for the jumping training quite often. There will also be a certain cooperation with the American team. At the moment, it looks as if I will be able to join them at their training camp in Europe!

Is it difficult being the "only" athlete on the team or do you view this as a chance to really focus on yourself?

Hug: I think it's a bit of both sides. One the one hand, I can fine tune the training exactly the way I need it but on the other hand it's quite hard to stay motivated if you have to train that much on your own. Especially on bad days, I am missing teammates who pull you from your bad mood and give you a good push!

This winter, your ninth place at Klingenthal definitely showed a glimpse of what you're capable of results-wise. What are your goals for the next winter?

Hug: My big goal for the next season is to prove that my ninth rank was no "one hit wonder". I have repeatedly shown that I can be among the top athletes, now I would like to do this constantly. But the great big goal is - of course - Sochi, that's where all of my preparations are headed.

How have you actually spent the time since the has season ended?

Hug: After the season, I have utilized the brilliant snow conditions and went cross-country and alpine skiing as well as going on ski tours. Unfortunately, there was no time to go somewhere on holiday as I wanted to kick off my training quite early.

In 2011, you started studying Mechanical Engineering at the ETH in Zürich. How's that going right now?

Hug: The chapter "studying" was actually a short one. (laughs) I had to stop after the first semester because I simply had no time for it. Unfortunatly, there are still no good offers on how to combine sports and studying in Switzerland and so it is really really had to make time for both. So I decided to postpone it until after my athletic career.