Tomas Portyk Czech summer national champion

29 September 2015 14:21
Tomas Portyk claims first senior title
Tomas Portyk claims first senior title -
Czech Ski Association

Tomas Portyk won his first senior title at the Czech summer national championships on the large hill in Liberec. Portyk beat out team leader Miroslav Dvorak by one minute and seven second, even though Dvorak had been in the lead after the jumping event. The third rank went to Lukas Danek (+01:33.3).

The jumping part on Liberec’s HS 134 hill saw Dvorak in the first place after a 126-metre-jump. With 131.7 points, he beat out Portyk’s 123.5 metres (127.5 p.) and started 17 seconds ahead of his younger teammate. Lukas Danek held the third position with 123 metres (117 p.) and 59 seconds of time behind.

In the race, youngster Portyk was able to take the lead around the half-way point and did not relinquish it until the end to win his first senior national title. „With me and Mirek Dvorak both down with the flu in recent days, it was probably him that was more affected by it. I’m very happy that I won and got my first senior title. I was able see that I improved my cross-country performance already at the Summer Grand Prix and can keep up with the world’s best, so I hope that I can also do it on snow in the World Cup“, the freshly minted champion said.

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Krásný moment pro mě a veliká dávka energie do dalších závodu!! Dnes jsem se poprvé postavil na první místo v mužský...

Posted by Tomáš Portyk on Monday, 28 September 2015