Tomasz Pochwala new Polish summer national champion

01 September 2012 12:36
Polish nationals Sep
Polish nationals Sep -

In a tight race with a spectacular ending in Wisla, Tomasz Pochwala claimed the title of Polish summer national champion ahead of former champion Pawel Slowiok and Mateusz Wantulok. After the ski jumping portion of the event, Wantulok had been in the lead with 112,5 points ahead of Szczepan Kupczak and Jakub Przyblyla who was later overlapped.

At the end of a close roller-ski race in rainy conditions but with a lot of spectators, Pochwala, Slowiok and Wantulok approached the finish line together. Just a couple of metres before the finish, Slowiok slipped on the wet road, fell and crawled across the finish line just a split second ahead of Wantulok.

Still, Slowiok was able to see the positive sides in the end: "Unfortunately, I was not able to win the championship for the third time in a row. But I always start well in the summer and do not manage to bring the shape over to the winter. This year, apparently it's a bit different. I hope it will finally be the other way round now."

New champion Pochwala was completely satisfied with his day: "I am very happy that I won!Competition was tough and did not forgive mistakes, you had to fight and give it your all. For me, luckily it paid off in the end. We all had the same conditions and all slipped on the wet road, but you can not complain."


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