Tomasz Pochwala wins Polish national winter championships

26 March 2013 16:28
POL Championships 2013
POL Championships 2013 -

At the Polish winter national championships which were held in Wisla yesterday, Tomasz Pochwala claimed the second individual winter championship title of his career. He shared the podium with his two young teammates Adam Cieslar and Andrzej Gasienica.

Strong and changing winds which pushed the contenders over to the left side of the Wisla Malinka HS 134 hill made the ski jumping part of the competition difficult but Mateusz Wantulok was able to deal with the conditions best and showed a jump of 126,5 metres which gave him a 29-second advance on the track on Kacper Kupczak who jumped 123 metres. Andrzej Gasienica held an intermediate third rank by showing 122 metres and started 31 seconds after Wantulok.

Winner Pochwala had a weaker jump of only 119 metres. He and Adam Cieslar who claimed the ranks four and five after the ski jumping were able to ski together for most of the race as they started with similar time disadvantages of 53 seconds and one minute.

With an end time of 26:48.0, Pochwala ultimately claimed the victory, showing the second best cross-country time. Only Cieslar war five seconds faster but not able to fully catch up with Pochwala who skied a very strong race on the last kilometre.  Cieslar finally finished 2,1 seconds after the winner.

"I knew it would be hard for Adam to catch up. I did my best and in the end, it worked out, so I am very pleased but it was a very close race and the battle was fierce until the end", Pochwala said who will decide after the season if he will continue to compete in the future.

"A minute of time behind, that seemed a lot", a happy Adam Cieslar said about the course of the competition. "Tomasz and me started fast from the beginning. Later, he tried to get away but I did not let him go and skied with him until the end where I finished just a little bit after him." Cieslar who will be finishing his season with this competition was already looking forward to the next winter. " I look forward to this season in the Continental Cup. This year, we had good results and were able to pull up compared to other nations. Next season, I am hoping for a rebirth of the Polish Nordic Combined sport."

Andrzej Gasienica couldn't agree more." This winter was the best of my career. I  lacked the same standard as my teammates first but then the good results came in the Continental Cup and finally I was nominated for the World Cup in Oslo. I am glad to have my first individual medal in the national championships now. This is progress and now I have time to work on improving even more for the next winter."

You can find the full result list here.