TRIPLE Prologue goes to Eric Frenzel

17 January 2014 15:55
Frenzel wins Day 1 at the Nordic Combined TRIPLE
Frenzel wins Day 1 at the Nordic Combined TRIPLE -

Eric Frenzel won the first stage of the Nordic Combined TRIPLE in Seefeld. The German crossed the finish line first after one jump and five kilometres of cross-country racing. Magnus Moan from Norway finished 8.4 seconds behind him and claims an intermediate second rank in the TRIPLE overall. The third place after one third of the competitions went to Germany's Tino Edelmann who crossed the finish line 9.4 seconds after the winner. 

On the whole, the ski jumping round placed the athletes closely together and up until number 19, the athletes started within a time difference of one minute. In total, four pairs of athletes jumped were awarded the same point scores for their respective two jumps. Also holding a Top Ten result after jumping were local heroes Wilhelm Denifl (5.) and Bernhard Gruber (9.), as well as Germans Tobias Haug and Johannes Rydzek on positions six and eight.

In the quick cross-country race, winner Frenzel did not leave the shadow of a doubt as to who was the strongest Nordic Combined athlete of the day. It took him approximately two thirds of the first 2,5 kilometre lap to catch up to leader Haavard Klemetsen, go past him and ski an uncontested victory into the finish. The fastest cross-country time came from Magnus Moan who improved his 12th rank after ski jumping in a fantastic second place in the result after Day 2. Moan needed 11:55.8 for the 5 kilometres and only teammate Mikko Kokslien also skied a time below 12:00.0 with his 11:57.2 and moved up to rank 18 after his 39th place after ski jumping.

Intermediate leader Haavard Klemetsen finished the race in fourth position and will  now have -2.9 points for the ski jumping round tomorrow. Also ranking inside the Top Ten were Johannes Rydzek, Bryan Fletcher, Akito Watabe, Bill Demong, Jason Lamy Chappuis and Illka Herola as tenth, a career-best for the young Finn.

As only the Top 50 athletes are permitted to go on to tomorrow's Individual Gundersen competitons, the TRIPLE is over for 19 athletes now. The most prominent victims of Day 1 were Miroslav Dvorak, Taylor Fletcher, Eetu Vähäsöyrinki and local hero Tomaz Druml 

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