Two Herolas on new Finnish A-team for 2014/15

18 May 2014 11:42
Ilkka Herola & Janne Ryynänen
Ilkka Herola & Janne Ryynänen -

After announcing that head coach Petter Kukkonen and Assistant Jari Hiekkavirta will continue to work with the Finnish A-team, the Finnish Ski Association has now also published the composition of the teams.

New to the A-team will be team leader Ilkka Herola's brother Matti. "In this season, we will have six athletes on the national team as we added Matti Herola. He is an interesting guy in the sense that he is one of the few athletes who have changed over to Nordic Combined from ski jumping. He has been actively working for a year now and is able to provide good results, getting better and better towards the end of last season. Also the test results show that he has good potential. I look forward to working with him", Kukkonen explains.

The A-team will consist of the following athletes:
- Ilkka Herola
- Matti Herola
- Mikke Leinonen
- Arttu Mäkiaho
- Janne Ryynänen
- Eetu Vähäsöyrinki

Antti Kuisma will continue as the responsible coach for the development squad Team Lahti2017 and work with ten athletes:
- Ville Heikkinen
- Eero Hirvonen
- Mikko Hulkko
- Wille Karhumaa
- Henri Kavilo
- Atte Korhonen
- Leevi Mutru
- Severi Taipale
- Marcus Torni
- Arttu Aalander

As it has become a tradition in the last few day, the first Nordic Combined training camp will take place in Vuokatti from the 2nd to the 7th of June with a test at the Vuokatti Sports Institute and then share a team experience by walking the 120 km hiking trail in Lieksaa.