Watabe returns with Qualification win in Schonach

03 March 2016 16:37
Akito Watabe celebrating in Kuopio
Akito Watabe celebrating in Kuopio -

Watabe returns with Qualification win in Schonach

Akito Watabe might have lost the battle for the overall World Cup prematurely due to an illness last weekend but the Japanese is far from taking the defeat lying down. At his first appearance after his sickness, Watabe won the Qualification/PCR in Schonach with a jump of 102 metres. A total of 129.4 points put him 8 second ahead of Norwegian Jan Schmid who had 101.5 metres to show for.

The third rank went to Berni Gruber (100.5 m; 125 p.) who will have to start his race 18 seconds after Watabe should the PCR have to be taken into account this weekend. Four Germans took up the ranks four to seven: Manuel Faißt, Tobias Simon, Fabian Rießle and Eric Frenzel were a compact package, starting between +0:19 and +0:30 seconds behind Watabe.

Strong skiers Johannes Rydzek and Magnus Krog also had good jumps of 102.5 and 98.5 metres and definitely were in the contention for podium results with delays of 38 and 45 seconds as well as Krog’s teammate Jørgen Graabak with 97.5 metres and a time behind of 53 seconds.

Five athletes did not make it into the competition of the Top 50: Ondrej Pazout, Adam Loomis, Constantin Schnurr, Hugo Buffard and Lukas Runggaldier who had an almost crash after he did not manage to get into an optimal flying position and one ski dropped down.

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