Welde, Wasel and Simon win Universiade team gold

31 January 2015 17:48
David Welde & teammates celebrate their Universiade gold
David Welde & teammates celebrate their Universiade gold -

The German team consisting of Johannes Wasel, Tobias Simon and David Welde won the last competition in Nordic Combined with overall time 42:19.2. The second place went to Japan, namely Go Yamamoto, Aguri Shimizu and Takehiro Watanabe (+10.1).  Russians Samir Mastiev, Niyaz Nabeev and Ernest Yahin (+27.8) ended third.

For all the winners except David Welde it is their first medal. David has already won 2 silver medals, this is his third. After the first part of the completion Poland was leading with 337.0 points, however, their performance in the cross country race was not sufficient to maintain this first position and in the end they finished fourth.

Ski Jumping Results

Final Results

Johannes Wasel, Tobias Simon and David Welde (GER) –  1st place

David: „All of us did a good job today. The jumps of Tobias and Johannes were very good. My own jump wasn’t so good. The cross country was really good for all of us. The skis were good and the weather was okay too.”

Johannes: ‘’My strategy was to do my own race and catch the guys from Japan who were ahead.’’ Japanese team started 9 seconds after Poland, Germany started third with 14 seconds in time difference. ‘’I am happy about that. At the last round I thought ‘okay, maybe we could do it’. I did my best so that I could give Tobias the best time possible.’’

Tobias: ‘’My job was to get closer to Japanese and Russian guys. It was a good race for me. I had 9 seconds contact to the Japanese and that I gave to David. He’s the strongest racer here and he made it.’’

Tobias had the best jump out of all the athletes competing today, he jumped 96 meters (124.1 points). David had the best lap time of 13:38.0 and that is also the reason why he was going third in the German team.

Go Yamamoto, Aguri Shimizu and Takehiro Watanabe (JPN) –  2nd place

Go Yamamoto: „During the cross country race I was trying to catch the Polish skier in front of me. He was running quite fast so it wasn’t easy. In the end I was out of stamina. I am a bit disappointed that the end of the cross country race wasn’t very good. On the other hand, I am really happy with the jumping. I was the first Japanese jumper so I was quite nervous about it, but I made a good jump so I‘m happy with it.“

Aguri Shimizu: „I would like to congratulate the German team, they had a great race. I was hoping for the gold medal but I have to admit that guys from Germany were better today. I am satisfied with our jumping results (330.4 points), not so much with our cross country race.‘‘

Takehiro Watanabe: „When it comes to jumping I am happy, I had a good wind. When it comes to cross country, I would like to congratulate Germany because their race was really good.‘‘

Samir Mastiev, Niyaz Nabeev and Ernest Yahin (RUS) –  3rd place

Niyaz Nabeev: „We are happy with the third place. Unfortunately we didn’t have good jumps in the first part of the competition. Fortunately we have a very strong skier, Samir, so we made it to the top 3. During the race Samir made it closer to Japan and Germany so we are happy about that. Our goal was to get a medal and the third place is good enough.“

Ernest Yahin: „It was a good competition, great athletes participated. However, the weather, especially snow and wind were not so good.“