Willi Hengelhaupt wins first NC EYOF title

27 January 2015 09:51
Willi Hengelhaupt wins at the EYOF 2015
Willi Hengelhaupt wins at the EYOF 2015 -
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Germany’s Willi Hengelhaupt is the first Nordic Combined gold medallist at the 12th European Youth Olympic Festival in Liechtenstein/Vorarlberg. The young German beat out Finland’s Severi Taipale by 13 seconds. Bronze went to Samuel Mraz from Austria who finished 17.1 seconds after Hengelhaupt.

The ski jumping round was won by Lilian Vaxelaire from France who jumped 100 metres. Only 0.1 points behind Vaxelaire was Slovenia’s Vid Vrhrovnik with his 99.5 metres and a total of 122 points. The pair went out on the cross-country track at the same time. Only two seconds later, Constantin Schnurr followed after a 98-metre-jump. Hengelhaupt also excelled on the hill with 97.5 metres and only had four seconds to make up to the leaders. Again, only 0.1 points behind Hengelhaupt was Austria’s Samuel Mraz who jumped 98 metres. Severi Taipale had 96 metres and an intermediate 10th rank to show for.

In the race, Hengelhaupt started out slow and hung on to the leading athletes before accelerating the speed and going away from the other athletes to claim the victory. Behind Hengelhaupt, Finn Taipale skied the second-fastest time of the field to make up the 30-second time disadvantage and catch up with the leading group but couldn’t counter Hengelhaupt’s attack in the end. Samuel Mraz, who had also been skiing in the leading group was also not able to match Hengelhaupt’s speed and also had to let Taipale pass but hung on to the third place in the end.

The other Top Ten ranks went to Constantin Schnurr, Italy’s Aaron Kostner, Benedikt Schwaiger, Daniel Rieder, Tim Kopp, Lars Ivar Skaarset and Vid Vrhovnik.

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