Wolfgang Bösl takes first of three COCs in Klingenthal

07 February 2014 20:14
Klingenthal's podium 7th of February, 2014
Klingenthal's podium 7th of February, 2014 -
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Wolfgang Bösl won the first COC competition in Klingenthal. In front of a couple of hundred spectators, the 24-year old crossed the finish line a clear 13.9 seconds ahead of runner-up Marco Pichlmayer from Austria. Norway's Ole Martin Storlien grabbed the last remaining spot on the podium by crossing the finish line 17.8 seconds after the winner.

Winner Bösl already set himself up promisingly after the ski jumping part by going 136 metres, the longest jump of the day, giving him 132 points and a ten second lead on Austrian ski jumping expert Mario Seidl who also jumped 136 metres (129.5 p.). Ole Martin Storlien was ranking third already at the intermediate point with 130 metres (121 p.). Storlien followed on the track with 34 seconds of time behind.

In the cross-country race, Seidl was only able to stay with Bösl for two rounds before he had to let go of the leader. Marco Pichlmayer managed to catch up with the leading athletes after three rounds and moved up from a ninth rank after ski jumping. In the end, nobody was able to catch up with Bösl who defended a 20-second-lead and skied a lonely victory into the finish. Germany's Philipp Blaurock and Tobias Haug were fighting for the third remaining podium rank with Ole Martin Storlien who had the better end and got away from his pursuers in the last round. The Germans had a finish line sprint for the ranks four and five with Blaurock finishing first, 30.7 seconds after the winner.

The fastest cross-country time of the day went to Storlien's teammate Truls Johansen who needed 27.24.8 for the 10 kilometre-race, improving an intermediate 47th rank to a final 21st one. In the overall ranking, Tomaz Druml and Bill Demong are leading ex aequo with 280 points ahead of Austria's Lukas Greiderer.

The next competitions will be on tomorrow and on Sunday making it a three competition weekend to substitute for one of the cancelled competitions in Planica last weekend.

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