World Cup action resumes in Val di Fiemme

10 January 2018 09:42
Val di Fiemme, Team Sprint 2016/17
Val di Fiemme, Team Sprint 2016/17 -

After an involuntary long Christmas break due to the cancellation of Otepää (EST) on the past weekend, the Nordic Combined World Cup is finally back in action. Three events are on schedule at this fourth competition weekend of the season, one Team Sprint and two Individual Gundersen competitions.

The biggest question for the local heroes is if Italian team leader Alessandro Pittin can continue in the strong shape the showed in Ramsau am Dachstein before Christmas, with his first podium result in two years. Pittin, who usually prefers smaller hills, has worked diligently on the takeoff and first part of the jump in the summer, and the work seems to be paying off: “In fact, I often jump better on the big hills than on that small ones at the moment, so it could be a good opportunity to succeed in getting a good result in Val di Fiemme”, Pittin is quoted on

Nordic Combined legend Jason Lamy Chappuis returns from a timeout due to a small fracture in his knee, which significantly limited him in the jumping part. He is joined by Austrian World Champion Bernhard Gruber, who finally starts his season 2017/18 after being sidelined by an appendicitis. 

With the cancellation of Otepää, the Team Sprint in Val di Fiemme is the first of its kind in this season. While Norway could decide the first Team Event in Lillehammer in their favour, it remains to be seen if the newly minted yellow bib bearer Jan Schmid and his teammates can strike again (last year, Espen Andersen and Jørgen Graabak took the honours in Fiemme) or if the German superstar team around Eric Frenzel and Johannes Rydzek will push back and start the year strongly. 


The programme (Local time = CET)

Timetable subject to change! 

Thursday, 11.01.

09:00 Official training HS 135

10:00 Provisional Competition Round/Qualification HS 135

14:00 Official Cross-country training

Friday 12.01.

08:30 Trial Round HS 135

09:30 INDIVIDUAL GUNDERSEN Competition Round HS 135 

13:30 INDIVIDUAL GUNDERSEN 10 km cross-country race

Saturday, 13.02.

09:00 Trial Round HS 134

10:00 TEAM SPRINT Competition Round HS 135 

15:45 TEAM SPRINT 2 x 7.5 km cross-country race

Sunday, 14.02.

08:45 Trial Round HS 135

10:00 INDIVIDUAL GUNDERSEN Competition Round HS 135 

13:45 INDIVIDUAL GUNDERSEN 10 km cross-country race


Quick Facts:



HS 135



Lago di Tesero

2,5 km free-technique loop

Total climb: 96 metres

Maximum climb: 37 metres

Height Difference: 44 metres


1,5 km free-technique loop

Total climb: 53 metres

Maximum climb: 23 metres

Height Difference: 28 metres

(find a track map here, last page)



IG1: 1. Eric Frenzel (GER), 2. Johannes Rydzek (GER), 3. Magnus Moan (NOR)

Team Sprint: 1. Andersen/Graabak (NOR), 2. Portyk/Dvorak (CZE), 3. Costa/Pittin (ITA)

IG 2: 1. Eric Frenzel (GER), 2. Johannes Rydzek (GER), 3. Akito Watabe (JPN)