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  • Brothers on Skis: The Fletchers (USA)

    Brothers on Skis: The Fletchers (USA)

    For another highlight of the series, „Brothers on Skis“ caught up with another one of the high profile brother pairs in the World Cup, Bryan and ...

  • Tobias Haug

    „I am getting better, little by little, step by step.“

    With the month of May, the individual trainings for most athletes have started again. One athlete in particular has been working non-stop since the last winter ...

  • Brothers on Skis: The Laheurtes (FRA)

    Brothers on Skis: The Laheurtes (FRA)

    With two brothers being an active athlete and his head coach, Maxime and Jerome Laheurte certainly are one of a kind in this weekly series but have a very ...

  • Team Germany and their Falun 2015 gold

    No surprises on German team 2015/16

    The German Ski Federation has published the team lists for the season 2015/16. As last year, the A-team will be coached by Hermann Weinbuch, Ronny Ackermann ...

  • Polish coach Mateusz Wantulok

    Mateusz Wantulok new Polish coach

    The Polish Ski Association had been looking for candidates for the post of Nordic Combined coach to the Youth team consisting of Adam Cieslar, Pawel Slowiok, ...