• COC Coordinator Toni Guggemoos

    Positive bottom line after challenging COC-winter

    Weather-wise, the winter of 2013/14 will surely go into the history books as a difficult one for the Nordic Combined Continental Cup season. While some of the ...

  • Taylor Henrich wins Canadian nationals

    Taylor Henrich and Tyler Smith win open Canadian nationals

    On the past weekend, the Canadian Nordic Combined athletes fought for the respective titles of Canadian Champion in the 2014 AVIVA Insurance CDN National ...

  • Podium Nationals Spring 2014

    Graabak keeps on winning at Norwegian nationals

    After his triumph at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, gold medallist Joergen Graabak has added two Norwegian national titles to his growing list of merits.

  • Sebastien Lacroix

    Sebastien Lacroix new French national champion

    For the third time in his career, French veteran Sebastien Lacroix has claimed the title of national champion in Nordic Combined. Hugo Buffard came in a split ...

  • Ilkka Herola

    Ilkka Herola claims Finnish national title

    Finnish team leader Ilkka Herola has claimed the second consecutive national title at the Finnish Championships in Rovaniemi on the past weekend.