• Ilkka Herola in Vuokatti

    Ilkka Herola takes competition in Vuokatti

    Finnish team leader Ilkka Herola dominated the Finlandia Veikkaus Cup competition held at Vuokatti this week. Ranks two and three went to Jim Härtull and ...

  • Jumping hills in Almaty (KAZ)

    Preparations underway for Nordic Juniors, Almaty 2015

    For the first time, Almaty (KAZ) will host the world’s best Nordic skiers at the FIS Junior & U23 Nordic World Ski Championships, which will take place ...

  • Germany's Jumping Coach Ronny Ackermann

    „You can always expect a lot from Frenzel & Rydzek“

    For the last couple of weeks, it had been quiet around the German Nordic Combined team. High time to check in with coaches Ronny Ackermann and Kai Bracht on ...

  • Getting ready at Oberwiesenthal's Fichtelbergschanze

    Oberwiesenthal getting ready for the SGP

    Not even two months to go anymore and winter will come back to Oberwiesenthal! Not with ice and snow but with the same suspense and intensity that winter ...

  • Bryan Fletcher at the Sochi Olympics

    One step forward on new path for Team USA

    The season of 2013/14 ended in an unwelcome surprise for Team USA when The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association USSA announced a drastic cut of fundings for the ...