• Finland's Ilkka Herola

    „I am just focussed on surfing right now!“

    Finnish shooting star Ilkka Herola is a dutiful man who knows his responsibilities. He even answered this week’s TUESDAY TALK questions from his holidays ...

  • Tim Hug & Viktor Pasichnyk

    Tim Hug continues as sole Swiss Nordic Combined athlete

    Swiss Ski announced the team nominations for the upcoming winter and much similar to the past few years, Tim Hug will be the only Swiss representative in the ...

  • Petr Kutal

    Petr Kutal ends his career

    After the past winter, Czech Republic’s Petr Kutal has decided put a stop to his career. Since he began with Nordic Combined in 1994, the 27-year-old ...

  • TV experts met in Gothenburg's city center

    TV experts meet in Gothenburg

    With the winter 2015/16 in the books, all thoughts and efforts are now directed towards the upcoming season 2016/17 and a workshop of international TV experts ...

  • Male and female Youth Cup winners should be crowned as of next season

    Fruitful discussions on development of Nordic Combined

    The FIS Nordic Combined meetings in Zurich (SUI) held sessions of the Executive Board and the Sub-Committee for Rules, Officials & Control.