• The #1 of the last World Cup seaons is entering her final season

    Last season for Maltais

    The reigning Snowboard Cross World Cup champion who has been keeping hold to that title for the last four seasons is going into her last season.

  • Zoe Gillings keeps an eye on her 2018 Olympic route by changing the way to get some funding

    Zoe Gillings-Brier launches business to fund Olympic bid

    As The Telegraph reports, Zoe Gillings-Brier, a three-time Olympian from the Isle of Man, has started a shaving business in order to fund her route to the 2018 ...

  • Jarryd Hughes celebrates his victory at Lake Louise

    Hughes looking forward to new season

    Australia's SBX shooting star Jarryd Hughes is ready for the next winter, which he will enter without any physical handicaps.

  • A happy bride: Zoe GB will enter fourth Olympic circle as married woman

    Zoe Gillings said YES!

    Three-time Olympian Zoe Gillings got married. The 29-year-old from Isle of Man tied the knot with an Dan Brier, her long time boy friend who also serves as her ...

  • Pyhä adresses snowboard cross teams to join the camp

    2nd Cross Training Camp in Pyhä

    Now that the brilliant summer in Finland comes to an end soon, it's time for some teams to prepare their training camps for the upcoming winter again.