• Stefan Hula

    Stefan Hula raises hopes for Poland

    Stefan Hula won the qualification for the individual competition in Oslo. A day after head coach Lukasz Kruczek officially announced his resignation, the Pole showed a decent performance with 126.5 m and 122.8 points. The second and third place went to Andreas Wellinger and Manuel Poppinger.

  • Carl Nordin

    Carl Nordin is Swedish champion

    Carl Nordin took the title at the Swedish ski jumping championships 2016 ahead of Isak Grimholm and Josef Larsson. On the K 108 Hallstabacken in Solleftea, Nordin scored a total of 227.2 points with his jumps on 107 m and 108 m. He came in clearly ahead of Isak Grimholm (104 and 105 m; 210.4 points) and Josef Larsson (94.5 m and 107 m; 194.4 points).