• Preparation of the inrun track in Oberstdorf

    Intense activity in Oberstdorf

    Many teams currently take advantage of the excellent training conditions in Oberstdorf (GER) in order to get themselves ready for the upcoming winter season.

  • Mikhail Maksimochkin

    Mikhail Maksimochkin wins at Russian Nationals

    About eight months after the last Olympic Winter Games, the Russian national Championships were now held on the hills in Sochi.  

  • Klingenthal Final / Jernej Damjan

    Klingenthal Final / Jernej Damjan

    Great Final of the 2014 FIS Grand Prix in Klingenthal (GER). Includes ...

  • Jernej Damjan

    Jernej Damjan

    FIS Grand Prix 2014 overall winner Jernej Damjan (SLO) speaks about the 2014 ...