4HT: Different starting points for the Prevc brothers

26 December 2016 08:54
Peter Prevc
Peter Prevc -

Peter and Domen Prevc are in very different positions when the 4-Hills-Tournament starts in just a few days. While last winter's dominator and defending champion Peter Prevc is still struggling with his shape this season, his younger brother Domen leads the overall World Cup with already four wins.

Obviously the 17-year-old is not planning on changing his winning formula for the upcoming 4-Hills-Tournament. "All the jumping hills are completely the same for me. I don't see any difference. Therefore I don't see why I should worry about anything. I'm going there relaxed and that's the best way", said Domen Prevc. "For me the 4-Hills-Tournament only means that there are four competitions close together. The K.O. system does also not make a big difference, everyone can get to the final if he jumps well."

For his brother, who won the overall title and three of the four competitions last season, the current situation is more difficult. He did not take part in the national championships last Thursday and focuses on the big tasks ahead since Engelberg. "Nobody can predict the future. All you can do is set a goal, work as hard as you can and believe that everything will develop in the right way. The weekend without any competitions is good for me. When there's a competition you only have three jumps to get used to the new hill and you have ideas in your head about how to do that and how to improve. But you may run out of time. Now is the right time to implement these ideas."

Considering his results this winter, with a 26th and a 33rd place recently in Engelberg, the Slovene is not setting any high goals for himself for the upcoming competitions, but you never really know what will happen during the 4-Hills-Tournament. "Giving the recent months, it seems I'm far away from fighting for a top result at the 4-Hills-Tournament. We will see how things go when I get there. I have to be patient. You have to focus on one jump after the other at the 4-Hills-Tournament. There are eight competition rounds and the ten days can be very long."