After the exciting final - Statements about the 4-Hills

07 January 2014 11:25
The Top 3 of the 62nd 4-Hills-Tournament
The Top 3 of the 62nd 4-Hills-Tournament -

The 62nd 4-Hills-Tournament is history. As always, the reactions are different. Berkutschi sums up the statements of the athletes.

Of course, 4-Hills-Tournament winner Thomas Diethart is more than happy: "Everything happened extremely fast but I didn't put any pressure on myself. I could only win and had nothing to lose. My goal was to score World Cup points and I exceeded this goal by far. I never thought I could win. I'm definitely not the best yet, there many things that I have to improve. My next big goal is the ski flying at the Kulm. I've never been ski flying I'm really looking forward to it."

Thomas Morgenstern, for whom it was not even sure if he will be able to compete in the 4-Hills after his fall in Titisee-Neustadt, was also satisfied: "The injury of my finger was not a problem in jumping. But I received great help with many things, starting with putting on the boots. I don't know how this will take. I hope that it'll be completely healed until the Olympics. Thomas Diethart already showed great performances in summer, and then also in the Continental Cup. In Engelberg he got his chance and he took advantage of it. He is a great guy, we get along very well. He absolutely deserved the win."

Simon Ammann was not happy with the final competition: "At the end it's a disappointment for me. I had a great trial jump, in the competition I then already noticed in the first round that my position during the flight is not perfect. There were many jumps I could be happy about, but in Bischofshofen they were a bit disappointing. I didn't have that much fun and it depends on small technical things. I'm looking for the perfect jump and I have to accept that it doesn't always work. This is explainable, the 4-Hills-Tournament is exhausting. I take the result as it is."

Anders Bardal was happy with his perfect start in Oberstdorf, but then he could not keep up with the best: "I try to work on small technical issues, in Innsbruck I had no chance because of the conditions. The Olympic Games are now most important and I have to figure out a plan about what to do until then."

Poland's Kamil Stoch was among the top favorites for the Tournament, at the end he said: "It was pretty difficult. I tried everything I could but the jumps in the competitions, especially in Bischofshofen, were not good enough. I'm still World Cup leader. That's good for me and I want to keep the yellow bib as long as possible. There's still a lot of work to do before the Olympics, but now I'm looking forward to the World Cups in Poland."

Peter Prevc achieved podium finishes for the Slovenian team in Oberstdorf and Bischofshofen and was fourth in the overall ranking: "I'm satisfied with result in the final. I also didn't expect to finish fourth in the 4-Hills-Tournament." 

Michael Neumayer, eleventh and second-best German in the overall ranking: "Unfortunatly I was only able to show a normal performance in the final event. It was a good 4-Hills-Tournament for me, but I would like to jump a bit better. The atmosphere and the spectators were fantastic during the whole Tournament. If somebody doesn't like this, then he should go and watch Chess. I will return home to my wife and my little daughter now and then I'll go ski flying."