Anders Jacobsen wants to start jumping again in August

31 July 2014 09:33
Anders Jacobsen
Anders Jacobsen -

Anders Jacobsen, who suffers from knee problems since he tore his ACL when he fell in Planica in March 2013 and had to undergo another surgery in April, now plans to start jumping training again in August.

"The knee feels good now, but I didn't jump yet. I now have a special training program to build up the muscles around the knee, that goes until mid August. Then I hope I'll be able to make my first jump this season", the former 4-Hills-Tournament winner is quoted on

In opposite to last winter, when the 29-year-old wanted to get in shape for the Olympic Games in Sochi at all costs, he doesn't want to rush things now. "I haven't set any goals for the upcoming season. First I need to know that everything will be fine."

Jacobsen doesn't consider the lack of training a major problem. "I trained just as much, only in a different way. I can still jump enough starting from August. But I was training alone a lot and this is boring", said Jacobsen, who will now be able to join the team again soon.

That's also good news for head coach Alexander Stoeckl. "I think it's important for him to be part of the group, this makes it easier for him. And it's also important for the team to have Anders around. He has a lot of motivation and experience."