Anssi Koivuranta wins twice in Lahti

03 August 2014 13:12
Anssi Koivuranta
Anssi Koivuranta -

Anssi Koivuranta presented himself in a very good shape this weekend and won two national competitions on the normal hill in Lahti.

On Saturday the 26-year-old was the best with jumps on 95.5 m and 96 m and a total of 255.0 points. Jarkko Maeaettae, who jumped on 91.5 m and 99 m for 253.0 points came in second, the third place went to Lauri Asikainen with 95.5 m and 96 m (252.0 points).

The second competition on Sunday was won by Anssi Koivuranta, who took his first win in the ski jumping World Cup last winter in Innsbruck, with jumps on 99 m and 99.5 m and 274.0 points.

Sebastian Klinga could improve his performance compared to the 13th place on the day before and finished second with a jump on 98 m in both round and 265.5 points. With 252.5 points (97 m and 93 m) Jarkko Maeaettae followed in third.

With his peformances in these two events in Lahti Anssi Koivuranta won the overall ranking with 525.5 points ahead of Jarkko Maeaettae (505.5 points) and Sebastian Klinga (493.0 points). After problems with his landing in the first jump on Saturday Janne Ahonen skipped the final round and did also not take part in Sunday's competition.

The Junior's competitions were won by Niko Kytoesaho on both days with 263.5 and 242.5 points. On Saturday he came in ahead of Artti Aigro (255.5 points) and Eetu Kytoesahu (223.5 points), on Sunday the second and third place on the podium went to Artti Aigro (240.5 points) and Markus Virrantalo (204.0 points).

Results Saturday

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