Austrian Ski Association publishes teams for next season

09 May 2014 13:11
Gregor Schlierenzauer, Michael Hayboeck, Stefan Kraft, Thomas Diethart
Gregor Schlierenzauer, Michael Hayboeck, Stefan Kraft, Thomas Diethart -

With the beginning of the preparation for the first season with the new head coaches Heinz Kuttin and Andreas Felder, the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV) now also published the teams for 2014/15.

On the men's national team are Gregor Schlierenzauer, Andreas Kofler, Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayboeck, Thomas Diethart and Thomas Morgenstern, who hasn't made a final decision yet whether he will continue his career or not. Veterans Wolfgang Loitzl and Manuel Fettner are on the A-Team together with Manuel Poppinger.

For the team this season marks a new start after the successful era of Alexander Pointner. "Ski jumping is very complicated, so you shouldn't get lost in details. There will be new rules and new equipment again so everyone shall start at zero and work towards the new season", said Heinz Kuttin, who will coach the team together with Andreas Widhoelzl, Alexander Diess and Harald Rodlauer.

With Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger there are only two jumpers on the ladies' national team, Chiara Hoelzl was named on the A-Team.

Due to knee injuries of his best athletes, it will not be a perfect start of his first training period as head coach for Andreas Felder. "Right now the focus is on rehabilitation. Then we will lay a foundation with physical training in order to prevent injuries in the future", Felder told on


Austrian teams 2014/15


Nationalteam: Gregor Schlierenzauer, Thomas Morgenstern, Andreas Kofler, Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayboeck, Thomas Diethart


A-Team: Manuel Fettner, Wolfgang Loitzl, Manuel Poppinger


B-Team: Philipp Aschenwald, Simon Greiderer, Daniel Huber, Stefan Huber, Johannes Obermayer, Markus Schiffner, Christoph Stauder, Patrick Streitler, Elias Tollinger, Ulrich Wohlgenannt


C-Team: Martin Diess, Michael Falkensteiner, Kevin Goeschl, Florian Gugg, Alexander Hayboeck, Thomas Hofer, Patrick Kogler, Jan-Oswald Krassnegger, Thomas Lackner, Markus Rupitsch, Lucas Schaffer, Max Steiner


Nationalteam Ladies: Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger


A-Team Ladies: Chiara Hoelzl


B-Team Ladies: Elisabeth Raudaschl


C-Team Ladies: Claudia Purker, Sonja Schoitsch, Julia Huber, Lisa Wiegele