Canada: Titles to Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes and Taylor Henrich

06 April 2017 07:26
Matthew Soukup, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Joshua Maurer
Matthew Soukup, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Joshua Maurer -

For the Canadian ski jumpers the season 2016/17 ended with the national championships in the Whistler Olympic Park last weekend. The titles on the 2010 Olympic hills there went to the two favorites Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes and Taylor Henrich.

In the men's competition on the normal hill on Saturday Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes could take a close win with his jumps of 95.5 m and 93 m and 220.0 points. With only one point less than the winner, Matthew Soukup came in second with 92.5 m and 95.5 m. The third place went to Joshua Maurer with 94.5 m and 92.5 m and 214.0 points.

The US Americans Ben Loomis, Adam Loomis and Decker Dean followed on the places four to six.

A day later, Adam Loomis won the large hill competition with 119.5 m and 115.5 m and a total of 191.0 points. Canadian champion was again Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes who was second with 121.5 m and 107.5 m and 187.2 points. Joshua Maurer, with 117.5 m and 112.5 m (185.5 points) and Matthew Soukup, who finished fifth in this competition behind Ben Loomis with 102.5 m and 112.5 m (154.1 points), also finished on the podium of the Canadian nationals again.

The ladies' competitions in Whistler were dominated by Taylor Henrich. On the normal hill she won with 95.5 m and 94.5 m and 219.5 points, ahead of Natasha Bodnarchuk (92 m and 86.5 m; 193.0 points) and Atsuko Tanaka (88 m and 86 m; 185.5 points).

On the large hill Taylor Henrich was the best with 127 m and 114.5 m (208.7 points). Abigail Strate (116.5 m and 114.5 m; 186.8 points) and Atsuko Tanaka (107 m and 104.5 m; 147.7 points) came in second and third.

Teams for 2017/18 named

After this Championships the teams for the upcoming season were announced. Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Matthew Soukup, Joshua Maurer and Dusty Korek are on the men's national team. The ladies national team consists of Taylor Henrich, Atsuko Tanaka, Nicole Maurer, Abigail Strate, Natasha Bodnarchuk and Natalie Eilers.

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