US Championships to Rhoads and Jerome

31 July 2016 07:45
Kevin Bickner, Will Rhoads, Casey Larson
Kevin Bickner, Will Rhoads, Casey Larson -

Will Rhoads and Jessica Jerome took the US national Championship titles on the large hill on Saturday.

Will Rhoads had two consistently strong jumps of 132.5 m and 132 m on the HS 134 in the Utah Olympic Park in Park City and defended his title from last year with a total of 275.1 points. "2nd National Championship! Really happy to be able to stay on top at home this morning with friends and family supporting! Fun competition to be a part of", the winner wrote on his facebook page.

The second place went to Kevin Bickner, who had jumps of 133 m and 130.5 m that earned him 268.8 points. 17-year-old Casey Larson was third and achieved his first podium finish in national championships with 129.5 m and 126 m and 253.4 points.

The longest jump of the day was shown by Canada's Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes with 139.5 m in the first round, but he fell on the landing and finished third, behind Rhoads and Bickner, in the international ranking of this competition with 262.5 points.

The best athlete in the ladies' competition was Taylor Henrich of Canada with 119 m and 121.5 m and 227.9 points. The Top 3 of the US Championships were Jessica Jerome (120.5 m and 122.5 m; 212.9 points), Cara Larson (100.5 m and 101 m; 144.7 points) and Logan Sankey (92 m and 105.5 m; 140.0 points).

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Photo: facebook / USA Nordic