Clear win for Carl Nordin at Swedish championships

07 October 2015 12:14
Carl Nordin
Carl Nordin -

Carl Nordin took a clear win at the Swedish national championships last weekend in Oernskoeldsvik.

The 25-year-old local hero was the only athlete to reach the K-point on the normal hill at the Paradiskullen in both rounds and dominated the competitions with jumps on 90 m and 91 m and 227.5 points.

Olof Lundgren came in second with 83.5 m and 84.5 m and 199.5 points, the third place went to Josef Larsson, who jumped on 80.5 m and 88 m for a total of 197.5 points.

17-year-old Lundgren won the junior's competition with 221.5 points (90 m and 87.5 m), followed by Simon Eklund (212.5 points) and Sebastian de Wall (194.5 points).

Christian Inngjerdingen, member of the Swedish team at the nordic World Championships in Falun earlier this year, could not participate due to a serious knee injury he suffered in a crash this summer. He will also be sidelined for the upcoming winter season.

The win in the ladies' competition went to Matilda Gundersson with 78 m and 77 m and 163.5 points, ahead of Frida Westman (73 m and 81 m; 161.5 points) and Astrid Moberg (71.5 m and 78 m; 151.5 points).

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