Clear win for Maciej Kot at Polish nationals

08 October 2016 18:22
Maciej Kot
Maciej Kot -

The Polish national ski jumping championships were held this weekend in Szczyrk and Wisla.

And Maciej Kot could confirm has great shape once again there on Saturday. The overall winner of the FIS Grand Prix 2016 won the competition on the large hill in Wisla with the best jumps in both rounds on 131.5 m and 129.5 m and 292.4 points.

The second place went to double Olympic champion Kamil Stoch, who jumped on 127.5 m and 15.5 m and scored 278.0 points.

Klemens Muranka, fifth after the first round with 122.5 m, secured the third place, clearly behind the best two today, with a second jump on the same distance and 244.7 points. 

After the first half of the competition Aleksander Zniszczol was third, but he lost some ground in the final and finished fifth behind Jan Ziobro (4th).

The ladies' and junior's events took place on Friday in Szczyrk. There Dominik Kastelik won the title in the category Junior A on the HS 108 with 103.5 m and 91 m (232.0 points), clearly ahead of Dawid Krupa (91.5 m and 87.5 m; 200.5 points) and Lukasz Bukowski (96.5 m and 83 m; 196.0 points).

The ladies' competition on the HS 77 was won by Anna Twardowz with 227.1 points (70.5 m and 72.5 m), followed by Kinga Rajda (65.5 m and 72 m; 218.0 points) and Magdalena Palasz (64.5 m and 67 m; 202.3 points).

The competition weekend ended with the team event on Sunday. The win went to AZS Zakopane with Krzysztof Mietus, Krzysztof Leja, Andrzej Stekala and Maciej Kot (972.8 points). WSS Wisla (Aleksander Zniszczol, Pawel Wasek, Tomasz Pilch, Piotr Zyla; 946.4 points) came in second, followed by LKS Klimczok Bystra (Piotr Kuzia, Jakub Wolny, Premyslaw Kantyka, Bartlomiej Klusek; 783.6 points) in third.

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