COC-M: Great comeback for Bjoern Einar Romoeren

09 March 2014 11:11
Anze Lanisek, Bjoern Einar Romoeren, Cene Prevc
Anze Lanisek, Bjoern Einar Romoeren, Cene Prevc -

Bjoern Einar Romoeren won the second Continental Cup competition in Zakopane and had a great comeback on the international stage after a long break due to injury.

The 32-year-old Norwegian, for whom the events in Zakopane were the first international competitions since a back surgery in fall 2012, was able to further improve his very good seventh place of the day before on Sunday. With jumps on 131 m and 129.5 m and 250.1 points the former world record holder took his first win since September 2010.

"I'm very glad I had a chance to start in an international competition again. Plus I was also able to win here in Zakopane, where I really enjoy to jump", told Romoeren, who doesn't know yet whether he will get the chance to compete in the World Cup again soon. "This decision is not up to me. We'll see."

Slovenia's Anze Lanisek, who closely missed the podium on Saturday, finished second this time, only 0.1 points behind the winner, with jumps on 121 m in the first round and the longest jump of the day on 134.5 m in the final. "I'm really glad I was able to jump so good and I was on the podium. I really like the the hill and I hope I'll get the chance to jump here again soon."

With Cene Prevc also the third place went to the team of Slovenia. The 17-year-old could repeat his third place of Saturday's competition with 121.5 m and 129.5 m and 246.7 points. "I'm really glad about my jumps during this weekend, I had really nice days in Zakopane", said the Youngster, who still has goals this season. "I'd like to jump in Planica and present myself in front of my own fans."

Robert Johansson of Norway was 12th after the first round and moved up to fourth with a strong second jump. He came in close ahead of Poland's Krzysztof Biegun, who was in the lead after the first round.

Pius Paschko was the best German in sixth, also because his teammate Daniel Wenig was not able to defend his second place of the first round and finished only 13th. At the same time Paschke moved up from 17th to sixth. A similar performance was shown by Stefan Hula of Poland, who was 18th after the first round and came in seventh.

Robert Hrgota of Slovenia (8th) and the two Germans Michael Dreher (9th) and Maximilian Mechler (10th) also finished in the Top 10.

Prior to the two final competitions of the season in Nizhniy Tagil (RUS) next weekend, Nejc Dezman (731 points) leads the overall ranking of the COC ahead of Manuel Fettner (723 points) and Daniel Wenig (619 points).